Chris Grabiec & Sarah-Jayne Newton

Chris Grabiec & Sarah-Jayne

Chris & Sarah-JayneSarah-Jayne is a classically trained pianist and self taught singer/songwriter, currently living and working in London. Sarah-Jayne has performed for most of her adolescent and adult life and has become known for her autobiographical lyrics, pure alto voice, haunting melodies and emotive piano pieces. Sarah-Jayne has welcomed with open arms the exiting opportunity to work alongside Chris Grabiec. Chris and Sarah-Jayne started working together in March 2011 on their debut collaboration singles "Lost My Way" & "Hold Me Closer" due for release later this year. Due to the success of their working relationship, they have now embarked on a number of other singles as well as a full collaboration on Chris' second album following "Pride and Honour". Chris & Sarah-Jayne's collaboration is the perfect fusion, combining electronic and classical/ acoustic influences. Watch out for the upcoming releases from this duo.

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